O Meteo Sieti Slovensko

Hlavnou úlohou Meteo Siete Slovensko je slúžiť ako 'zberňa údajov' pre všetky súkromné meteorologické stanice, ktoré publikujú svoje údaje online. Pôvodná myšlienka vznikla v USA, kde viaceré stanice začali zverejňovať svoje údaje začiatkom roka 2008, a zoznam menovaných staníc je možné nájsť: Global Section.
We have tried to include other information and links about the weather in and around Slovakia, as well as the actual conditions reported from the Personal Weather Stations on the network. The weather conditions are updated once every 5 minute but to see the most up to date weather or archived conditions then please visit the personal weather station closest to the area that you are interested in. We hope that is this will prove useful whether you are interested in the weather, planning a trip or holiday in Slovakia or just want to know if it's safe to hang the washing out.

We have had a number of requests for weather data for the likes of research or insurance purposes, unfortunately the Slovakia Weather Network does not keep any archived weather data.
If you need this type of information then please find the nearest personal weather station to your area of interest and click on the link for that station on our main map. You can then contact the owner of that station direct and they may be able to help you with your request

Ako sa stať súčasťou siete

Ak vlastníte súkromnú meteostanicu, a dáta z Vašej stanice sú dostupné na Internete pomocou programov ako Weather Display, Virtual Weather Station (VWS), Davis Weatherlink, WUHU alebo Cumulus, máte vlastnú WEB stránku a žijete na území Slovenskej republiky, v tom prípade nič nebráni tomu aby ste sa stali členom Meteo Siete Slovensko (SVKWN).

If you use Weather Display and you are uploading the Clientraw file, then that is all that is required. For those using VWS and Weatherlink, we will supply a small text file for you to upload at regular intervals that will contain your stations data. Your location will be displayed on the mesomap on the home page and there will be a link to your web site on there as well.
In return for supplying your data, you will be given access to the mesomap and current conditions that you see on the home page to use on your own web site. This will hopefully increase the number of visitors to sites on the network and also increase the search engine profile and ranking of network sites into the bargain.

If you would like to join the network then you can fill in our Joining form which will give us all the information that we require to include you on the network.

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